How Black Americans Created More Than 1,000,000 Jobs Overseas

Black Americans are a thriving bunch.  They just don’t know it.  But others know and it and you may be receiving some unexpected thank you cards in the mail soon.  Because of our hip-hop, anti-intelligent culture, we have given Corporate America a Get-Out-of-the-Government-Mandated-Affirmative-Action-Free card.  I know that’s a mouth-full, but consider this …

• In our lifetime, the government tried to force Corporate America to meet a certain quota by hiring minorities (at the time meant for blacks) — even if they were less qualified.  Citing “underprivileged” status.

• Thus opening a revolving door.  Many were hired — but then many were fired.  To ensure that these minorities had a chance to obtain the American Dream, the government itself employed the largest percentage of workers available.  Which is why most government jobs today are post office, government office clerical positions, city council clerks, etc.  It has widely been rumored that once you acquire one of these jobs it was a lifetime appointment if you wanted it.  It also paid better than comparable positions in the private industry.

• There used to be a time when you would call for customer service and got another American on the phone.  Back in the day that meant white American.  But as the economy grew stronger and workers demanded higher pay, employers were left with decisions … like, who do we hire now?  Black Americans who by large quantities, would not give companies a good reputation by their poor phone handling skills?  So, with a little creativity, foresight and bravery, large companies began looking elsewhere.  And what they found were residents of poorer countries willing to learn the English language properly and secure long-term contracts and do so at below-market wages.

Eventually, companies like Dell sent nearly all of their telephone customer-service jobs to India, thus creating one of the fastest-growing middle-classes of the world.  Workers in India saw what was happening and got wise and began forming their own companies targeting other American companies.  Soon, companies like AT&T — which is terribly ironic since the “A” in AT&T stands for “American” … but I digress — followed suit.  And these companies did so at the peril of Americans who scorned the idea of losing American jobs and not being able to clearly understand the strong accents.

But what was their alternative?  Pay exorbitant wages to whites with college degrees to handle telephone calls?  Pay blacks who simply had demonstrated no desire to learn and speak the language fluently and who has a propensity of showing irritability to callers?  Or, suffer through the time it will take for American citizens to “warm up” to this idea?  Many chose the latter.  And blacks weren’t the wiser as to why.

The hip-hop culture has been wildly successful to those within the industry.  Musicians, athletes, retailers, those working behind the scenes.  But the anti-intellect culture it left in our community has been a total failure.  One international company that resides near the Galleria brings employees from all over the world, and one year brought in an attorney from France who spoke little English.  She was told discreetly by others to not listen to blacks while learning the language b/c they didn’t speak it right.  I was fortunate to have at least two Fortune 500 companies as clients for about five years; and one day was attending a meeting and the black receptionist at the front desk was told to notify the executive upon my arrival.  The following is absolutely true: the female executive came out nearly laughing, saying “Oh my gosh, I didn’t know what she way saying!  ‘He heah!’  I said what?  ‘He heah!’”  Right in the lobby where the black receptionist could hear.  Some might think she was trying to embarrass the receptionist but in my honest opinion, she just didn’t understand it.  In English it’s supposed to be spoken, “he’s here”.  See how funny it sounds when you say it out loud: “he heah!”.  Reminds me of a Hee-Haw intro.

I posted something similar on facebook a few days before this blog insertion, and one of the responses was — and I quote exactly: Dam that so crazy. We already have a hard time keeping a job and they going to send are jobs to India Wow im so mad about that

I wanted my response to be, “And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.”  Ignorance and the ’tude all wrapped in one comment.  See pic above.


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